Prayer for Cursillo Each Friday

Each Friday, the Shrewsbury diocese prays for Cursillo in England and Wales

Here is suggested prayer, but please feel free to pray as the Spirit moves you

Loving Spirit of prayer
Teach me to pray in my heart
With you who are present there.

Holiness consists of doing the will of God
with love and fidelity as Jesus did:
I came not to do my will
but the will of my Father in heaven

We can know His will for each of us,
by circumstances of our lives
by the guidance of the Holy Spirit;
because we are children of God,
we have the Spirit always in us

The Spirit is our sanctifier,
if we do not turn to Him frequently.
We cannot know what God wants from us
and what will make us holy

By living in close fellowship with
the Spirit ,we allow Him to train us
in Holiness by His grace and
never failing encouragement.

Dear Mary, through the power of the Spirit
Jesus came to live in you, pray that the same Spirit
may guide me in the footsteps
of your Divine Son

Most Holy Spirit of Love
Fill me with your love

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